Al Ain Jaguars

Al Ain Jaguars

A recent group has formed in Al Ain, dedicated to running among the public.

It was created by Dr. Hossam al-Tatari, Khalid AbuTaqiya & Nastassia Kaddour.

We asked them what the inspiration was for creating a group like this.

When asked by Al Ain Times what was the inspiration behind creating the group, Dr. Hossam al-Tatari said “It was to bring people together to run, because it is a lot more fun with people. In addition to the fact that people have different levels, so when they run together they start learning from each other and sharing their own experiences.”

Nastassia Kaddour added “the idea behind Al Ain Jaguars is to find like minded people who would run together, get faster together and motivate each other all while having lots of fun doing it.”

To join this running squad that has been rapidly growing since it first started a few weeks ago, all you need to do is send a direct message to their Instagram page below and they will have you added to their Whatsapp group to stay up to date with all their upcoming runs, events and to share and motivate team members and get inspired by others.

Is there a certain fitness requirement to join?

According to Nastassia, cofounder “Al Ain Jaguars is for everyone! We want to encourage people to change up their usual routines and enjoy the outdoors while meeting new people with the same mindset of self improvement.”

There you have it, no matter your fitness level, everyone is welcome to join. Al Ain Jaguars will surely encourage your growth and members will celebrate your progress along the way.

So get ready to don your running shoes and give it a try!

Tell us about your latest experiences here.

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