Arabesque Cafe at Danat Al Ain Resort

Arabesque Cafe at Danat Al Ain Resort

We had the pleasure of trying out the newly opened Arabesque Cafe at Danat Al Ain Resort.

It is an Arab themed restaurant & lounge that has areas both indoor and outdoor.

They offer food/drinks and shishas.

The newly opened Arabesque contains a wide variety of extremely tasty food.

The Chefs care and dedication to make each and every dish a perfection, truly shows with each and every bite.

Whether you decide to enjoy the lovely atmosphere outside, sitting next to the water fountain or to have your own enclosed cabana for privacy.

The general feel of the location is incredibly blissful.

The desserts are to die for. Incredibly tasty and diverse.

Currently Arabesque has 50% off on selected shishas.

We would recommend visiting this location at Danat Al Ain Resort, during the evening. the overall atmosphere during the cold breeze is just lovely.

Check out more from the Danat Al Ain resort.

Have you tried walking around the oasis yet?

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