Al Ain Raceway

Let’s Go Kart!

Al Ain Raceway is located at  Khatm Al Shiklah (5 minutes from Al Danat)

It is open from Monday – Saturday

Available to ages 7 +

It is the longest Go Karting circuit in the U.A.E and has hosted 2 international championships.

Our Experience At The Raceway!

The Awesome team at Al Ain Raceway Let us come down to check the place out and to try out the Go Kart experience.

We start of by signing and registering ourselves at the front desk before we get the suits and accessories to wear. (such as shoes/gloves)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, you have to come in in your own attire since the lockers are currently unavailable. (You will be given a racing suit over your own clothes)

Next we head into the briefing room where one of the Raceway team will be explaining the rules, as well as the procedures that will occur on the track.

You can ask any question here if there is any confusion, but it was pretty straightforward for us.

You then wear a hairnet before getting your helmet and head out to the track.

The Track!

The Al Ain Raceway has the largest track in the United Arab Emirates. (1.6km)

The experience was exhilarating! you wouldn’t think that racing around in a Go Kart would give you so much adrenaline.

This is definitely an activity that we will be returning to in the future.

Bring a bunch of your friends and see who is the fastest on the track!

They host events/parties.

They have hosted 2 world championship events! (2007 & 2011)

Are you going to the Raceway ? Let us know how you feel about it!

Tell us about your experience here!

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Special Thanks to the Awesome team at Al Ain Raceway!

Mahmoud Kamal @mk6ar

Khalid I L AbuTaqiya @khalidabutaqiya

AbdelRahman @abhjz

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