Al Ain Zoo introduces new virtual educational programs

Al Ain Zoo is offering a wide variety of virtual educational programs for students of all age groups through an interactive learning platform to teach and equip the next generation with all the knowledge, material and cognitive skills in a selection of fields around the subject of nature conservation, all through direct contact with the Zoo’s educational specialists.

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre offers various programs, including World of Fossils, Rocks, Sustainability, and the “Following Zayed’s Steps” tour, in addition to its heritage programs. There are also programs to educate youngsters about the importance of wild animals and how to preserve their natural habitats. The Zoo presents shows and informative material on topics like “Animal Body Coverings” “Animal Classifications” and Plant and Animal Life Cycles stories.

 The virtual programs have been especially designed to be fit for ages from kindergarten all the way to secondary school and are available in both Arabic and English, thus supporting pre-existing educational material that contributes to the student’s general scientific knowledge.

All virtual programs are free and are broadcast live through Microsoft Teams, each one lasting for up to 30 minutes. Students will be in visual contact with the education officer and their colleagues.

The programs can be booked via e-mail to or by phone, 037992444.

Al Ain Zoo is dedicated to raising awareness among the community, particularly among students, of the importance of wildlife and how to preserve endangered species, informing them of the efforts and outstanding achievements of the Zoo towards protecting the environment and conserving nature.

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