Al Ain Zoo’s ongoing efforts to conserve the Rothschild Giraffe

Al Ain Zoo continues to dedicate efforts to the conservation rare species in order to save them from the threat of extinction. Most notable of which is the Rothschild Giraffe, listed as a near-threatened species on IUCN’s Red List, These efforts include conservation and breeding programmes, as well as awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of conserving their natural habitat.

Al Ain Zoo is home to a group of 18 giraffes, all belonging to the Rothschild species, across several exhibits where they receive comprehensive care to the highest international standards, including a living environment that resembles their natural habitat and all nutritional and behavioral requirements, in addition to comprehensive medical care offered by qualified specialists and veterinarians.

Al Ain Zoo also offers comprehensive medical care for animals during pregnancy and post-birth. Al Ain Safari has recently welcomed two new-born giraffes, and offered them health and nutrition programmes that are specially designed for newborns during the first few months of their lives.

Guests heading to Al Ain Zoo can enjoy a host of educational and entertaining experiences with the giraffes at three exhibits, including the African Exhibit, Giraffe Feeding at World Desert Exhibit, and Al Ain African Safari, home to multiple species of African animals.

Al Ain Zoo aims to fulfil its mission of nature conservation by offering the highest standards of care to endangered species in order to conserve them, including ongoing care and nutrition, as well as dedicated nurturing and breeding programmes, in addition to offering a unique educational experience for guests of all ages.

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