Children’s discovery garden is a fun educational destination for children

Children’s discovery garden is a major tourist destination in Al Ain, attracting a large number of national of international visitors. It was built according to the highest tourist and service standards, helping Al Ain Zoo as one of the world’s largest wildlife tourism destinations.

The garden uses of modern technology that is not only for show but also can be used by children to participate in research and discovery activities behind the scenes, which contributes to the development of their different educational skills.

The project extends over 4,000 square meters and creates a unique educational exploratory experience for visitors, which provides learning, discovery and activation of the various natural senses that combines educational benefits with the simple joy of learning.

The garden has a water play promotes a love of scientific discovery through kinetic structures that work on physical theories, and explore the properties of water in a fun and recreational way. Additionally, there is the fossils area where children take a journey into the past by digging and discovering fossil models that mimic the remains of extinct animals.  

Additionally tactile games which focuses on the interaction of different senses. It offers various scientific games featuring natural phenomena such as water and wind, exploration of the properties of metallic materials, understanding electricity, telephonic, musical sounds, color and hue classifications, and recognition of plants through the sense of smell.

Other sections include the sand play area with games that help regulate physical activity through model making, climbing, running and jumping in games designed in the form of animals.  In this part of the park, there are 13 new animal species that the children have not seen or dealt with yet. There is a shaded seating area, a range of different plants, restaurants and a parents’ area that allows adults to accompany their children and share their scientific discoveries.

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