Combating Pandemic Blues: How to Stay Productive & Motivated

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely left us devastated with a lot of daily bad news. Our jobs, education, family gatherings, religious practices, and social hangouts came to a halt. However, you can still try to come out with the least possible losses. Read ahead to see how you can balance your life in quarantine.

Get a change of scenery!

In most cities, a daily walk is permitted. While it’s a convenient to go out once every week or so to buy all your groceries and pick up your needs, it might be a good idea to just let yourself have an early morning walk every couple of days. Shift it up a bit and opt for a bike ride or a slow drive around the neighborhood. As long as you’re taking your precautions and staying clear of crowds, getting outside for fresh air can do a lot for your mental stability.

Time & Space will start to seem like an illusion.

Taking a few days off seemed like a great idea at first. Sitting in bed all day in pjs, that’s the dream, right? Well, we do need routine for a reason. For some of us, productivity can require an organized workspace and if this applies to you, then clutter is also your enemy in quarantine! So, you might want to follow these quick tips to try and stay productive and motivated during quarantine:

– Don’t work from bed.

– Make use of an hour every day to declutter.

– Set areas of your home and portions of time for every task.

Speaking of portions of time, how often do you find that you just lost a huge chunk of your day scrolling your feed or binging a show? This is not to say that you can’t do these things, of course. Sure, take time for your entertainment but make sure you still have control over how you portion your day out.

Make a rough plan of how you think your day should go, portion your time ahead, and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Every Little Achievement Counts!

Developing yourself can mean a lot of different things for each of us. Maybe there’s a hobby that you didn’t have much time for before, pick up your painting sets, crafting tools, or knitting yarn and get going. As a plus, you can make gifts for friends and family!

Self-developing can also mean working out daily, you don’t necessarily need a gym to stay fit. Or you might want to further your education and get ahead with a few courses. Maybe you’ll even be able to finish up some of those books on your list.

Get creative and find the balance that suits you most. The goal is to stay safe and sane during these dire times.

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