FlogApp: Where Self-Made Talent Meet Clients

The future of every person’s career is NOW! The spread of the pandemic quickly forced the transformation of many industries around the world causing huge job insecurity and job losses, as the new ‘normal’ employer-employee relationship is being rethought.

Despite all the uncertainty one thing is clear, the vitality of the relationship between companies/service requester and freelancers is strengthening as non-permanent constructs look to be the way ahead.

Ensuring solid, reliable, and trusted relationships is going to be key.  Initially not by choice, many workers turned to freelancing due to necessity and desperation. 

However, thanks to Apps like the FlogApp Portal, the app designed specifically to cater for both sides of the freelance market, the way ahead looks clear and promising. 

Abdullah Abu-Hakmeh, founder of FlogApp Portal (Freelancers on Ground), created this application because sensing the trend he realized there was a gap in the market so he decided to bring together highly skilled freelancers and those requiring their services in a simple user-friendly format triggered and motivated him to develop, test and successfully launch the portal in Dubai.

FlogApp relied heavily on the development phase in contacting a huge number of freelancers to assist with the launch of the application.

The reality is to empower freelancers to literally “Be your own boss”. Through its unique freelancer/client relationship management, the app pushes the market further by supporting those who are trying to do just that, through combining the virtual freelancer and on ground freelancer on one platform. And as FlogApp’s slogan “You Click & We’ll Connect” naturally, this offers more choice and more flexibility.

The FlogApp team believes this application will help contribute to the United Arab Emirate’s profile as the Country of the Future with its ongoing innovative and technology driven platform.

We have a vision of not just creating something a groundbreaking for freelancers, but more of a new normal of how people will work and want to work in the future. The app is constantly adapting with the rapid changes in this fast-moving market, so you can definitely expect a load of cool new features that meet the market’s demand.

Written piece submitted by Mona Mohammed