New UAE freelancer license

New UAE Freelancer license

Abu Dhabi has announced a new UAE freelancer license for residents, non residents and citizens of UAE.

The license covers up to 48 different business types.

The Department of Economic Developed in Abu Dhabi has announced the new “Freelancer License”

Applicants must prove that they have the relevant skillset to apply for the Freelance license.

  • A university degree.
  • Certificate of experience
  • Accredited accomplishments

For residents working in government sectors they will need an no objection letter.

For residents working in the private sector under a permanent contract, requires a no objection letter.

List of Activities included

The new UAE freelancer license includes

  1. Design/Fashion
  2. Photography/Videography
  3. Management/Projects
  4. Hardware/Software
  5. Legal/Real estate
  6. IT/PR
  7. Art/Architecture

For a full list of activities included click here.

Check out if any Events are happening soon.

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