The First Time I Went To Jebal Hafeet

The First Time I Went To Jebal Hafeet

The first time I went to Jebal Hafeet and Green Mubazzarrah was years ago. It was the year 2005.

I had just moved to Al Ain from England along with my family and friend (as well as their family). The heat was insane to me initially but it wasn’t too bad.

I had just turned 11 and we decided to go and check the Jebal Hafeet area out along with my friend’s family, we had been very close from our days back in England.

We had been told that it was an amazing place to have a BBQ. So we did what anyone would do and grabbed all the essentials for that to happen.

As we neared the Jebal I was quite awestruck, being a kid from a town I had never seen a mountain before, it held my gaze for quite a while.

I would stare at it as we got closer (I still do whenever I see it outside).

Green Mubazzarah

We arrived at Green Mubazzarah at first, got out the car and just started running around, rolling down the hills like a madman.

We played a couple of games together while our parents started up the BBQ and started to explore a bit.

Seeing the Al Ain Springs and deciding to take a closer look, we rushed towards them.

I remember dipping our toes into the hot stream and losing one of our slippers.

All of the kids decided to chase it and try to recover this slipper before it would get lost.

It was moving fast and we barely had enough time to retrieve it.

Thankfully we succeeded and had quite a bit of fun while we did so.

Completely soaked we trudged back to our family for some food.

We sat calmly on the hills eating and admiring the view. The mountain the lights the green lush field.

Just before we left we played a bit of competitive football among ourselves, I had a rivalry with my cousin at the time and we always went a bit too hard against each other (good times).

Jebal Hafeet

The first time we went up this mountain I was scared.

My heart was racing and I did not enjoy the road up that mountain. especially when our friend pointed out to a destroyed car on the side of the mountain.

As I was panicking we reached the top of the Jebel and stopped the car in the parking lot.

I began to calm down as it felt better to have my foot on the ground.

The view was amazing.

You could see lights for miles.

It felt calmer somehow, even with music playing from the building at the top.

We went in bought some overpriced snacks and had a go at the claw machine before we left (we did not win).

Karak chai was a first for me, this would start an addiction to the stuff later down the line.

As we all grouped up for the last time to admire the view again. The wind seemed to calm down.

I knew that even though it was a simple day up and around the mountain, that I would remember this day.

Throughout the years we kept revisiting the Jebel, creating more memories, memories that I still cherish even if I do not recall them often.

I would definitely recommend visiting the Jebel if you have not done so.

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