UAE revises fines for violators of COVID-19 guidelines.

On Monday (18 May 2020), the UAE has announced that the new timing of the National Sterilisation Programme will be from 8 PM to 6 AM effective on the 20th of May 2020 until further notice.

Here’s the updated list of violations and fines to curb the spread of COVID-19 announced by Advisor Salem Al Zaabi, Acting Chief of Prosecution of the Emergency Crisis & Disasters Committee, at the General Prosecution.

AED 50,000 Fine

  • for violating the closure of educational facilities, gyms, cinemas, entertainment centres, parks, cafes, pools, etc. Fine also applies to those not abiding by opening and closing times of restaurants, parks, malls, etc. and for receiving customers and visitors.
  • COVID-19 patients who violate compulsory hospitalisation when instructed by authorities.
  • for those violating quarantine measure (both at home and at designated private facilities).
  • for whoever does not remain in hospital or comply with prescribed treatment and does not repeat tests as requested by authorities.

AED 30,000 Fine

  • Private tutors who violate the rules.

AED 20,000 Fine

  • for whoever hosts a private tutor.
  • for hacking the systems of these applications or smart devices, damaging or illegally obtaining information from them. The offender will also bear the cost of damages.
  • Medical labs that fail to immediately report new data to authorities.
  • Entities without thermal cameras installed and non-compliance with measures stipulated by the government.
  • for anyone who publishes COVID-19 patients private information.

AED 10,000 Fine

  • Refusing to install or register on the smart app for tracking and failure to carry smartphones (for those who tested positive for COVID-19).
  • Companies who move workers between emirates. In addition, the vehicles will be confiscated.
  • Failing to report the loss or damage of the smart device containing the app.
  • to be issued to cruise ship owners/captains that fail to implement the necessary precautionary measures.
  • Hosting events, parties, meeting, private and public celebrations, gatherings in public areas or private farms.

AED 5,000 Fine

  • to be issued to attendees of parties or gatherings (be it in public or private places).
  • for the owner of retail shops outside shopping malls that violate reopening guidelines.
  • for Food outlets not maintaining standards for cleaning and sterilising equipment, devices and machines.
  • for all those coming from abroad into the UAE and violating the country’s precautionary measures.
  • Owner of the company who fail to ensure that employees are wearing their masks (AED 500 for each employee).
  • Refusing to get tested for COVID-19 when instructed to do so by relevant authorities.
  • Transportation companies that fail to sanitize and disinfect all their means of transportation.
  • Failing to implement precautionary measures when transporting workers (i.e. abiding by vehicle capacity measures, failing to ensure they are wearing masks, failing to ensure that they are social distancing) (AED 500 issued for each worker).
  • will be issued to those who fail to comply with information security standards approved by government or private health facilities.
  • Not adhering to provisions of communicable diseases law when burying or transporting the body of someone who died of a communicable disease.
  • to be issued to companies or centres that fail to maintain social distancing.

AED 3,000 Fine

  • Not wearing masks in public places and while using public transportation.
  • Violating restrictions during sterilisation period.
  • Having more than three people in one car, no masks (i.e. 1 driver + 2 passengers).
  • Fines per person for not maintaining social distancing at work or other places such as shops or restaurants.
  • for companies who fail to maintain 30 percent limit on workforce.
  • for breaching preventive measures while exercising or taking part in sports or recreational activities in public or at hotel pools or beaches.
  • for not disposing of temporary structures, clothes, luggage or other items that may be contaminated.

AED 2,000 Fine

• For those who breach instructions to preserve health and safety and prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

AED 1,000 Fine

  • Visiting a healthcare facility other than at a prearranged time or for unnecessary situations.
  • Retaking a COVID-19 test within two weeks without a valid reason.
  • If workers at an establishment or in shared housing are not maintaining personal hygiene practices.
  • for displaying, transferring or storing food, health, veterinary, cosmetic or pesticide products incorrectly.
  • Not adhering to rules on the use of chemicals for cleaning or pest control.

Violators will also be named and shamed and will have their pictures published in media outlets.

Repeat offenders will be referred to Federal Prosecution of Emergencies and Disasters to be presented for criminal trial for the offense.

For your safety, please make sure to abide by the regulations to avoid hefty fines. Stay home, safe and healthy!

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